a photo of Petits Papiers owner Aggie Bainbridge and partner Stephen Forster-Brass sharing a joke


Hi, I'm Aggie Bainbridge, a freelance graphic designer based between Lisbon and London.

Welcome to my work world; Petits Papiers (or 'small papers'; I like to imagine designs as little love notes, sweet secrets passed as if to say "here's where I work and I love that I do").

My passion is to craft beautiful, cohesive brands across physical and digital spaces. Developing the right visual language so my clients can speak to their target audiences in a way they understand.

I've worked with well known brands like Waitrose and The BBC, but I also work with smaller companies to create bespoke design solutions. Alongside Stephen Forster-Brass of Binary Nation, I also make up one half of design and development duo Beard & Ginger.

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