Welcome to petitspapiers.co

The home of Aggie Bainbridge, I am a freelance creative with a passion for graphic design and communication. Working across brand, print and digital to deliver bespoke, high-end design solutions from wherever I am in the world.

Currently working from: The French Alps


Why is good design important?

Communicating with your target audience is no mean feat in our visually stimulated, fast paced day-to-day. Having a memorable identity is imperative for a good first impression, conveying quality and confidence in a split second.

Good design creates company unity and can communicate the ‘how’ and ‘what you do’ to end-users in a way they understand. When something is both beautiful and functional, it earns a place in our mind, and becomes a part of our lives.

If you have an upcoming project in mind or would like some input on your brand then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For a selection of previous work have a look through the portfolio, or for an idea of what I’m working on or where I’m working from; the blog.


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